About Brenton & Co.

Upgrade your style and get inspired for your next suit or tailored garment made specifically for you by the master tailors and cutters of Brenton & Co.

About Brenton & Co.

Toronto’s True Handmade Bespoke Tailors

Canada’s very own, Brenton & Co. handmade bespoke tailor shop, is run by master tailor Tony Tran, Partner David Rose, and James Bui connected through their mutual work and collaborations in the competitive bespoke garment industry. Whilst our whole team focused on the look and feel of garments, Tran brought the desire to bring handmade, bespoke tailoring, and the traditional Savile Row method back to the cutting edge of Suiting. No compromise, no muslin fittings, the true basted process, and authentic handmade bespoke tailoring.

A Truly Bespoke Experience

Most tailor shops can provide beautiful fabrics and simply altered garments. What differentiates Brenton & Co. from all other tailoring houses is the ability to create a uniquely handcrafted fit that is designed to be moulded to the frame of each and every individual. To accomplish this feat, Brenton & Co. hand-cuts a single, unique pattern for each and every client’s handmade bespoke or made-to-measure order.


This partnership has ensured that the Brenton & Co. tailoring house has become one of the most sought-after suiting destinations across North America.


Since its establishment, the company has opened a handmade bespoke workshop and a tailoring house in the King East neighbourhood of Toronto, Canada.

Each also consults for made-to-measure and bespoke tailor shops across North America while lending their tailoring/design expertise to television and film productions.

Working Hours

Considered Toronto’s only true handmade bespoke and locally produced tailor shop, with all garments made on location in King East Toronto. We don’t ship our garments overseas like our “Modern Bespoke” competitors.

By Appointment Only