One-of-A-Kind Suiting Completely Tailored To You

In the year 1607, the word ‘bespoken’ was first used to describe something ‘ordered to be made’. Since then, tailored suiting showcases an absolute one-of-a-kind fit that’s completely tailored to your body. No one else can wear a bespoke suit like you.

Design Yourself In Bespoke.

The journey of a pure bespoke, handmade experience.

Our clients have experienced true bespoke custom tailoring on which Brenton & Co. prides itself. Every item is handmade by a master craftsman at our Yorkville premises to the client’s individual custom pattern. Generations of tailors at Brenton & Co. are proud to have been serving our customers even before Ira Brenton started designing the Brenton and Co. cut.With a focus on bringing the most talented craftsman to the forefront of Canadian custom tailoring, Ira Brenton, has brought together a group of the finest Cutters, Tailors, and Finishers around with a combined handmade, custom, and bespoke suit experience of over 200 years. These multi-generational tailors along with the leadership of  our master tailor Tony Tran continue to offer a bespoke service, which we believe represents everything fine custom tailoring is about.

Pattern Selection

We work with you to develop the initial sense of construction and look with a pattern selection of your choice. If you have something in mind, our highly knowledgeable tailors will guide you along the way. Whether you are a seasoned suit wearer or new to bespoke, we are here to help.

Thorough Measurements

Once the style is chosen and fabrics have been selected, our tailors will measure you for the perfect fit. With this, you will have your own personal pattern cut out specifically towards your measurements.

Detailed Basted Fitting

Once we have the initial measurements for your specific fit, we then put you in a basted jacket to understand how your body is shaped and how the jacket fits on your body. We make some more markings with chalk and take more measurements to ensure it gets as close as possible to the best fit.

Hand Cutting The Fabric

Once the measurements are taken, they are given to our highly-skilled, experienced tailors for them to cut the measured fabric by hand for an initial design to be fitted further.

Precision Fitting

Once the initial design has been made, multiple measurements while you are wearing more of a finalized design for you to be fitted into. This stage has the suit fitted without the buttons or stitching and is the first full, exciting look at your new suit.

The Finale

Once the measurements fill through, the hand stitching is done, the suit is put on, you have now completed the Brenton & Co. Bespoke Program and you are rewarded with The Brenton & Co. Suit completely tailored to you and only you.

Start Your Bespoke Journey

Considered Toronto’s only true handmade bespoke and locally produced tailorshop, with all garments made on location in Yorkville Village Toronto. 

We don’t ship our garments overseas like our “Made-to-Measure” and “Modern Bespoke” competitors. At Brenton & Co, we provide beautifully handcrafted bespoke suits at highly competitive prices. 

Offering the finest in construction, with a full floating canvass, intermediate basted fittings and detailed hand finishing, all done by third and fourth generation master tailors and cutters

.This is the suit that every person wants but only some will experience. Book a consultation with one of our experienced stylists and cutters today.

    Our Fabrics From Around The World

    All our of customers have the opportunity to shop fabrics from all around the world. From beautiful soft fabrics from Italy to the more weighted fabrics of United Kingdom, we offer a high-quality fabric collection that are outstanding in their own rights.