Choosing the Right Lapel

How important is choosing the right lapel for your jacket? Well, depending on your body’s shape/size, and the function of that jacket, choosing the right lapel is essential. Lapels are formed by folding the front pieces of the jacket back towards the body of the jacket, shaping them and then pressing them down.  

Their emergence began in the late 1860’s when coats were starting to be worn open at the top as opposed to buttoned up the entire way. The lapel provided an opportunity to formalize this opened look and it took off from there.  

From the 1860’s to modern times, the lapel has come a long way. Today there are three main types of lapels: peak, notch and shawl. From there, the lapels can differ in size. 

For each lapel, the rule of thumb is usually the wider the individual’s shoulders and chest, the wider you can go with your lapel, so have fun. A wider lapel can make you appear broader in the shoulders if that is what you’re seeking. As for notch lapels, they tend to be more casual and definitely the most popular. Peak lapels are great for more business occasions or if you want to add some powerful flair. Shawl lapels on the other hand are best kept for formal occasions, i.e. on a tuxedo.  

Know what lapel is best for your day and don’t be afraid to try something new. Whether you have an important meeting coming up, date-night drinks or even a wedding choose your lapels wisely

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