Does It Suit Your Personality?

7:00am my alarm shocks me awake. What’s the first thing I do (after my standard three eggs and oatmeal breakfast of course)… put on some tunes. My morning music shapes my day and in turn shapes the outfit I’ll choose to rock that day. This morning the Rolling Stones prepares the way for the day; my father would be so proud. As Start Me Up jams in the background, I go with a royal blue suit, a dark red paisley shirt and silver grey oxfords to make the likes of Mick Jagger satisfied (pun intended), then let the day begin.

What is the lesson here? Highlight your personality with your outfit. If your job demands you to wear conservative suits day in and day out, live a little through your accessories and suit linings. Trust me, there is a lining of your dreams out there. If you love spaceships and planets… It can be done. Plus, that would be a hell of a conversation starter at your office Christmas party.

I am a strong believer of owning your personality. If you’re a 60’s British rock-star at heart… flaunt that. Even if it’s through small accessories like ties or pocket squares, highlight your fun side, it will suit you better than hiding it. Better yet let us help you bring that out!

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