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Handmade, hand cut bespoke tailoring In Toronto.

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Whether you are finding a look for a big night, day-to-day wear or a special occasion, we are here to help you craft the perfect garment. Brenton & Co.’s master tailors, cutters, and lead design team crafts an atmosphere that provokes the creation of the most desired garment in your wardrobe.

The World Of Brenton & Co.

Discover more about Brenton & Co.’s handmade bespoke tailors, cutters, and our unique process, born in Toronto’s King St. East neighbourhood.

Canada’s very own, Brenton & Co. handmade bespoke tailor shop, founded by luxury clothing designer, Ira Brenton, and master tailor, Tony Tran, connected through their mutual work and collaborations in the competitive bespoke garment industry. Whilst Brenton focused on the look and feel of garments, Tran brought the desire to bring handmade, bespoke tailoring, and the traditional Savile Row method back to the cutting edge of Suiting. No compromise, no muslin fittings, the true basted process, and authentic, handmade bespoke tailoring.

Design Your Perfect Fit

Now offering shopping appointments in select stores to deliver the extraordinary bespoke experience you deserve, while ensuring safety & comfort.

Our clients have experienced true bespoke custom tailoring on which Brenton & Co. prides itself. Every item is handmade by a master craftsman at our King St. East premises to the client’s individual custom pattern. Generations of tailors at Brenton & Co. are proud to have been serving our customers even before Ira Brenton started designing the Brenton and Co. cut.With a focus on bringing the most talented craftsman to the forefront of Canadian custom tailoring, Ira Brenton, has brought together a group of the finest Cutters, Tailors, and Finishers around with a combined handmade, custom, and bespoke suit experience of over 200 years. These multi-generational tailors along with the leadership of our master tailor Tony Tran continue to offer a bespoke service, which we believe represents everything fine custom tailoring is about.

2022 Look Book

Upgrade your style and get inspired for your next suit or tailored garment made specifically for you by the master tailors and cutters of Brenton & Co.

Style Guide

An editorial look into the process behind Brenton & Co.’s crafted garments and the master tailors & cutters that make them. Read articles involving the best in suiting and tailoring in the city.

Maintaining Your Bespoke Suit

After making an investment in a beautifully handcrafted bespoke dream suit from Brenton & Co, you’re going to want to take care of it the right way. No matter the material, I always stick to these simple five rules when it comes to suit care: hang right, keep your pockets clean, brush it, clean right and pack right.

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Does It Suit Your Personality?

7:00am my alarm shocks me awake. What’s the first thing I do (after my standard three eggs and oatmeal breakfast of course)… put on some tunes. My morning music shapes my day and in turn shapes the outfit I’ll choose to rock that day. This

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Discover more about Brenton & Co.’s handmade bespoke tailors, cutters, and our unique process, born in Toronto’s King St. East neighbourhood.


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