Support a Local Tailor After COVID-19

The time has finally come. Has it been three weeks or three months? Or has it been three whole years? The government has just opened up it’s first phase of transition back into it’s once-upon-a-time usual routine and some small street-access businesses have been allowed to re-open. The suit business in Toronto has been ecstatic to open its doors but many companies are still facing bigger obstacles. Due to current circumstances, overseas manufacturing is still faced with a stern halt preventing these businesses from opening.

How this benefits Brenton & Co. is simple. Everything is made here. Literally right here; on premise, in our back room. From start to finish, our tailors—using a ruler and measuring tape, sheers, a needle, your choice of fabric and their bare hands—are not faced with the same obstacles that are preventing other companies from delivering garments to their clients. Even as a lot of these factories overseas begin to open up, local businesses are still facing rather large roadblocks with massive amounts of orders being backed-up causing prolonged delays.

We all saw local businesses take a huge hit due to the recent pandemic, some of our favourite restaurants and shops may never open back up, and some of those that do will never be the same. It is more important now than ever before to support those of us that are opening back up and trying to power our businesses back up to normal. Because all of our manufacturing is on-site we are not faced with a lot of the hiccups that many other companies are facing and because of this, we are more than capable to accommodate your immediate needs.

We understand that as the next several phases of the economy will be opening back up soon, our presence in Toronto is of large importance. As individuals start getting back to work, looking to maintain the stamina that fuels their successes, we at Brenton & Co. can only do what we do best: which is to make sure your workplace presence remains powerful, preserving your confidence and the impression you have on not only your peers and bosses but also your clients.

Come by the shop and let us show you what we can do.


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