The Bespoke Approach To Your Quarantine Resurrection

Similar to bears, we are beginning to rise up from a long hibernation, and in perfect timing; the sun has been increasingly brighter and warmer and the last clothes we had shed into our closets are now too heavy and warm to wear outdoors. In a way, we can consider this a rebirth of everything that we lost in the first five months of 2020 and our resolutions can finally commence. As we wake up, shower, shave, and make a perfectly pungent cup of stove-top Italian espresso, we include ourselves gazing into our closets as part of our routines; trying to remember the outfits we once wore and how we used to pair them in ways that helped us carry our confidence and stand out among our peers. It’s a lot to remember, and while we’re wrapping our heads around getting back to our old routines, it’s okay to go out of our way to ask for help.

As we begin tucking away our winter garments into the back of our wardrobes, we expose the gaps that may need a bit of a renovation. Whether you’re building a summer wardrobe from scratch or trying to add to it, there are numerous ways to take this approach. Understanding some of these easy steps can help us wrap our heads around tackling our social resurrection.

Lighter fabrics can literally lift a lot of weight off your back, and are one of the easiest solutions to start building a Summer wardrobe. If you need a worsted suit for work, Italian mills are great at making you feel like you’re wearing just one extra layer of skin. The southern Italian tailors have become world renown for their techniques of making their garments lighter; less canvas in the jacket, the removal of bulky shoulder pads and not adding any lining so that the jacket can remain as breathable as desired.

Lighter fabrics don’t always mean that they will wear cooler however, high-twist, multiple ply fabrics weigh substantially more than some of your winter worsted suits, however, with such a loose-weave, it not only prevents temperature insulation, but is extremely breathable. Though linen sometimes can be pretty tight-weave making it less breathable, it naturally does not absorb heat as wool normally would. Linen can often be a fabric people shy away from because of it’s natural wrinkles, which tends to categorize it as a more casual fabric. High-twist fabrics tend to be known as ‘Fresco’ which is its given name by British mill Huddersfield, which multiple mills have now adopted; that because of it’s weight and high-twist yarns has an outstanding resistance to wrinkling and has one of the best drape of other fabrics.

Rather than the commonly darker and more drab colours of Winter attire, one of the most enjoyable aspects of summer is the increase in saturation of the environment that surrounds us. Trees are greener, flower beds remind us of the genius minds of Matisse and Monet, and there is no reason that our wardrobes should not humbly manifest that same identity that embodies the spirit of our favourite season. Bold is easy to tame if you now how to pair it accordingly. A green fabric with an orange and pink overcheck should not necessarily be a fabric that should be overlooked, with a shirt and trouser that calm it down it can become a fabric that will not only manifest the summer in your outfit. Allow your environment to influence your fabric choices, we will always be here to show you exactly how to make it work.

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