The Bow Tie: From Military to Tuxedos and Suits

Bow Ties were originally created for practical purposes by Croatian mercenaries looking for a means to keep their shirt collars together. The French later took the idea in a more fashionable direction. Today bowties are seen infrequently and generally associated with highly formal occasions and/or James bond.

Why wear a bow tie? Generally speaking, the man wearing a nice bow tie is exclaiming to the world that he is confident and that he should be remembered. These are two qualities all men should aspire to regardless of your feelings towards bow ties.

So when is an appropriate time to wear a bow tie? The answer is surprisingly simple. With some exceptions, any time you can wear a tie it’s appropriate to wear a bow tie.  The bow tie is a great way to set yourself apart while still maintaining appropriate attire for whatever the occasion. Whether you’re at a wedding, graduation, or a religious event the bow tie can help you look your best.

The exceptions are few but should certainly be taken into account.

  1. An event specifically calls to dress casually.
  2. An event calls for uniformity such as wedding photos where everyone is asked to wear a tie.
  3. At a funeral where dark attire is expected a bow tie may be inappropriate

National Bow Tie Day is a fun event launched by bow tie enthusiasts from around the world. In the past a bow tie was an essential part of every man’s wardrobe and this holiday is an attempt to revive that practice.  This is a great day to experiment with a bow tie and live boldly.

Bow ties are a great alternative to a neck tie to elevate a man’s style. Be brave, wear a bow tie!

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