Why Right Now is the Perfect Time to Buy a Suit

School and I never got along. Not just because my brain constantly tried to convince me that all my exams were full of trick questions, nor that the lectures I had to sit through were not actually art courses, but also because I fell into that category of pupils that would put off assignments until the evening before they were due. Luckily, though later than desired, I learned that one way I could conquer my anxiety was to tackle my obstacles as soon as they’d present themselves to me.

When the coronavirus lockdown first started at the beginning of March, all we knew was that we would be going into quarantine for two weeks. We didn’t know what was going to happen in a couple months, let alone three weeks. Still, we’re a little blindsided by what our Summer will have in store for us; exhibitions are cancelled along with street festivals and parades. But as we begin to see awkwardly silent European football matches return to our television screens and the first opening phases of public parks and small businesses transition back to normal are being rolled out, we begin igniting a small flame to our candle of hope.

Barcelona empty stadium

While a large percentage of our future as a society is still unknown, it is guaranteed that life will eventually return. We may think we are prepared to conquer the world once we hear that shot from the starting pistol as we fight to be the first out of the gate, but there are still several ways to prepare ourselves so that we don’t end up jumping the gun. Just like preparing for a vacation, or a wedding, we should be getting prepared to get back to work; specifically with regards to our wardrobe. Even in The Italian Job (1969), Charlie Croker’s (Michael Caine) first request after his release from prison was to see his tailor. This process can take time, a month and a half at the earliest and unfortunately, perfection cannot be rushed. Having a tailor craft a garment on you from scratch will require several fittings and therefore take some time.

Though a lot of people may continuously reflect on their current situation, they may not sense the urgency to be buying suits. But as we start getting called back to work, and the waist of our trousers suddenly feel a bit more tight than we remember and the buttons on our shirt placket look like they’re begging us to eat a salad, we will wish we had tackled our preparations much sooner. Making the decision to buy a bespoke suit sooner rather than later will not only get you excited to go back to work, but will help you feel like you have planned your priorities accordingly. Appropriately planning out the time that it takes to get a suit made in time to get back to work is crucial. And we are here. And we are open.

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