Why (and how) To Choose Handmade Bespoke

When you look back, a handmade bespoke or custom suit was considered high end luxury. In the current climate this has changed. Bespoke and custom suiting in general have become more accessible. With this level of accessibility it has become easier for any individual to carve out their own individual unique style. Whether for business or personal a handmade bespoke garment is the best visual representation of the message you want to convey to the world. It is often said “dress for the job you want, not the one you have.”, this can also be said for your personal style. 

A handmade bespoke garment represents your style, shows your peers who you are, and demonstrates how you want to be viewed. The two most common suits that people love in business are the two button and the double breasted suit. Our personal recommendation is to keep it simple to start, blue, dark grey, or brown. In most cases black should be avoided as is considered to be too strict for modern business attire. 

What truly makes a look original is the little things that accompany the outfit. Accessories like ties, pocket squares, watches, ect. These items are the elevated expression of our garments. Think of them as the icing on the cake, the pieces that tie (pun intended) everything together. These visual work together to accomplish a single goal, to make you look good. This is also why having at least one truly handmade bespoke suit in your wardrobe in your closet is important. For those times when how you look is important, you want the items that will accomplish that. There is no better item than a bespoke suit, to provide the perfect fit and aesthetic look. A well tailored garment is invaluable. 

A bespoke suit can create an incredible look for even the most difficult physiques, making a talented tailor the perfect ally. A proper paper pattern, with basted and forward fittings make this process the experience every individual looks for in high end luxury garments.

Bespoke Doesn’t Always Need To Be Expensive

The belief that bespoke is always more expensive than a beautiful suit in a high end retail store or made to measure shop is nothing more than a myth. In fact our handmade bespoke suits that are made from scratch on premises in Yorkville Village Toronto, start at $1600. Not only this, but a great tailor takes everything into account, your posture, the physical differences in your body, and all of the possible measurements for a beautiful form fitting garment. In the end this can also be an ideal way to cut down on costs. This is due to the fact that you will save time and money not needing to search for exactly what you want in the perfect size. Instead of going out and shopping for something that fits you perfectly, we provide that item for you. The perfect fit every time.

Choose What Is Best For Your Style: Colour and Fabric

Whether English, Italian, or French, having the opportunity to sit down and choose between the best fabrics in the world is an absolutely luxurious experience. These fabrics are reserved for the more upscale made to measure and bespoke stores only. You will not find these fabric choices at your local Indochino or Suit Supply, as much as I do believe there is absolutely a place for entry level suiting experiences. The characteristics of beautiful fabrics and the colours, patterns. and subtleties therein, should be easy explained at any high end tailor shop. Your tailor should explain these fabrics to you as if explaining the nuances of a fine wine, or fine dining tasting menu. Although do be warned, great fabric can elevate a perfectly tailored suit, but even the best fabric will not hide a poorly structured garment (I’m sure a lot of us have had a crappy made to measure suit with a nice fabric). What’s the saying… something something lipstick on a pig.

Get The Perfect Fitting Suit

The primary reason you get a custom made suit is for the best fit. Fit on a garment is what takes you from looking like Donald Trump to looking like James Bond. So why settle. Trust in a high end experienced tailor to guide you through the process. If they are performing the right fittings, and making your paper pattern from scratch then the garment will be a thing of beauty. Trust the experience of a handmade bespoke tailor and you will never want for a great garment again. But remember if they are true handmade bespoke you should see and experience the following:

  • Personally tailored expert design  and fit advice.
  • A paper pattern designed for you from scratch.
  • A plethora of high end fabrics to choose from.
  • Basted and Forward fittings in the fabric you chose for your suit (see the picture above)
  • Precise handmade stitching throughout the garment
  • No limits to your custom-tailoring choices
  • A one of one garment made exclusively for you.

 So I guess the question is: Why get made to measure when you can get bespoke for the same price? It’s not like you would choose meat loaf when you can have a 14oz wagyu bone in ribeye instead.

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